1965 - 2005                      

          H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   D E A R   P H Y Z M A T H





   For about a year we have been summing up the history of 40 years paging back to our sources.

The last month was like beehive. Invitations were sent via TV to all the graduates of all years to  Take part in the final ceremony.

We were short in time – filming, printing and publishing of periodicals, booklets, invitations, and wallpapers, memorial albums – we had to manage all this. It was high time to get the result. The first poster was devoted to highly merited people who were supposed to be pleased with their work being continued by reliable professionals.

Here is the desirable September 26th. 10 o’clock in the morning. The school-yard is decorated leading the passers-by into temptation. The music of brass band is greeting the graduates of all years.

Speeches, congratulations, wishes, dances and songs, rejoicing and triumph, meeting of old and new generations in a simple school yard followed by a surprise called canteen bell. No jubilee cake but the traditional food and drink.

While the guests were looking through the menu, which reminded about their childhood, a phone bell rang. It was the headmaster of ‘PHOTON’ college in Gyumri Manvel Movsisyan, an ex-graduate of Physmath School. He said ‘Lads, I’ll be a bit late, please don’t drink my kissel’. Satisfaction and cheer was unlimited.

2 o’clock in the afternoon. The yard of the State University is full of Physmath graduates. Again brass band music, exhibition, booklets, papers and materials devoted to the 40th anniversary.

Priest Mesrop Aramyan (again Physmath graduate) opened up the gala session devoted to the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Physmath School with an act of prayer and blessing.

Minister of ES RA S. Yeritsyan, Rector of University R. Martirosyan and Headmaster of Physmath H. Navasardyan made speech, presented medals, diplomas and letters of acknowledgement to the retired teachers of Physmath School and to some of the teachers working at present.

The Hall full of best wishes, greeting and thanksgiving speeches was plunged in the amazing sounds of Komitas String Quartet. The lights went out.

The festival came true, the delight was continued.

                                                                                         Wise-principle A. Nazaretyan

                                                                                          ‘Pakagits’ #96184) 30.09.2005




  H. Navasardyan’s speech was notable during the ceremony devoted to the 40th anniversary of Physmath School.



Honorable Minister ES RA Sir Yeritsyan

Respectable representatives of government


    Dear Sir Martirosyan, Ms Hakobyan, gusts, teachers and students.

This wonderful and really unforgettable day is very important for me. I’m both excited and happy to introduce the school that has given a great number of vanguards of science and economy, national and public men, honored art and cultural workers. We have always held the name of Armenian school in respect not only in our republic but also in some foreign countries.

   The required difficulty and volume of work is evident in the progressive movement of the school. The most important is that the founders were sure that the future belongs to exact sciences and proved the necessity of their work.

Phizmath special school after A. Shahinyan under the auspices of Y S U was founded in 1965 by the decision of Armenian government. The organization of students’ education of extraordinary physicomathematical abilities according to curriculum has been the main aim of the school. The knowledge will be extended providing the future scientific potential of our country in the sphere of natural sciences.

It should be noted that the school has been moving foreword steadily and proudly true to its mission for 40 years.

 The role of our school is great in deeds devoted to the nation in Armenian-populated places. Hundreds of pupils from Javakhk and Gharabagh have continued their education and acquired knowledge at Phyzmath School. Now many of them are famous scientists or statesmen in Georgia and Gharabagh.

For realizing such a patriotic work of course we need best personnel in pedagogical sphere.

Just from the first day of the foundation the school has been staffed with the  assistance of Ministry of Education and YSU .Let’s remember some of them :Artashes Shahinyan ,Vardan Vardanyan ,Gagik Samvelyan ,Stepan Nadiryan, Arshavir Stepanyan, Housik Melik-Adamyan, Karlen Mnatsakanyan, Elmira Grigoryan ,Maels Azizbekyan, Hovhannes Baghdasaryan, Edward Ghazaryan ,Edward Chubaryan ,David Sedrakyan ,Hrachik Mkhitaryan, etc .Dozens of them are now with us ,in this hall ,enjoying glorification of their painstaking work.

Dear teachers, your students and I bow our heads with respect and esteem before you, we remember and love you, all you gave helped us to be happy.

Educating, bringing up and teaching the young generation – this is the imperative need of each teacher. The result of your heroic deed is our success.

Thank you.

The result is obvious, attractive and obliging.

The great philosopher Seneca said ‘The one, who doesn’t make a step for word, he goes back for hundred years’.

This is the command of the life. 1989. Armenia is in pain and suffering.

By the help of the Minister Simeon Hakhumyan and the school headmaster George Arushanyan a branch of our school was founded in Stepanakert.

The old truth that school and teacher win in war is proved.

In 1988-1995 our teachers glorified their names fighting with a piece of chalk and arms. V. Gabrielyan was the motor section leader. They were teachers for piece time and soldiers for war time. They turned theory into practice. In those days many of us, being aware of the importance of the education, kept the school with great difficulty. As a result the school made progress steadily. Today the continuers of their teachers’ work create the future of the school and their native country. Among them are Sussanna Avetisyan, Haykaz Navasardyan, Nairi Sedrakyan, Onik Mikaelyan, Artavazd Mamyan, Arman Sargsyan, Mekhak Hayrapetyan, Tigran Margeryan.

Be sure, no school has had such harvest. Good health and success to all of us.

Creating the future of the school we get energy from the achievements and experience gained during these forty years.

The progress of our school depends also on the assistance of our supporters.

We express our gratitude to the Ministry ES RA and the authorities for their assistance and guarantee. The school with its branch makes progress. Thanks   to the ‘Hayastan’ Pan - Armenian Fund, to all the benefactors and to M. Petrosyan on behalf of the teachers’ staff and the students for securing   fundamental reconstruction of the subsidiary building built in 1999. Our staff and students work and learn in beautiful, light and warm building which is one of the prerequisites providing quality of education.

Hundreds of our graduates have chosen the way to science and completed the ranks of Armenian and foreign scientists whose numeration will be extensive. I’d like to mention the International Symposium in Tsakhkadzor head it by Physmath graduate G. Gevorgyan: Associate member of AS RA. More than 50 graduates are Doctors and more than 300 Candidates of Science. By their and our common efforts the school achieves new and new fame not only in our country but also in different parts of the world. It’s already 40 years that the school is the leader in physicomathematical subjects among the public schools and completes the faculties of YSU and ASAY with qualified students. It proves that the education in our school is on high level.

Many of our students are winners of republican and international Olympiads. During the last 13 years they returned from international Olympiads with 28 medals, 2 of them golden, and 11 honor certificates. They also successfully take part in foreign symposiums.

From August 20-26 of this year an Olympiad of Physics and Mathematics was organized with the help of our graduates and supporters which was devoted to the 40th anniversary of Physmath School. Thanks to everybody personally to our graduate M. Okroyan.

It’s inspiring that our graduates have recently become more active and have their contribution in our success.

1978 and 1979 graduates N. Khachaturyan and R. Manucharyan helped us to reconstruct the hall. Thanks to all the supporters once more.

During the last ten years the school could not only keep gains and traditions of the past 30 years but also achieved world – wide fame.

The result   

This fact will be basis for bright future for our teenagers. They will surely complete the ranks of students and scientists. Good luck to them and let the new age brings them new and new success.

Internet site, ‘ Physmath School Graduate’, ‘Our School’ and ‘Antrots’ editorials are already fact. Their main aim is consolidation of our graduates for providing further success of their own school.

It’s evident that we can’t imagine economical progress without stable foundation of scientific engineering and especially without fundamental improvement of physicomathematical educational system.

Nowadays the urgent development of this system has become a question of vital importance. Moreover, today Armenia has a strong army of physicians and mathematicians of international standards who are able to turn Armenia into leader in scientific sphere of the world which can bring appreciable economical and ethical profit not only to homeland but to the whole humanity as well.

Concluding my speech I want to express my congratulations to the benefactors of our school, to the teachers of all years, to all the students and friends on the occasion of this obliging ceremony and holyday.

                                                                                               School headmaster H. Navasardyan




                                                                                                                                              Honorable headmaster

Dear teachers and students


Today is the 40th anniversary in biography of Physmath special school after A. Shahinyan under the auspices of YSU.

The past 40 years added a new bright ray of light to your achievements and now you are starting a new way keeping names of those highly merited people who have done their best in individualization of the school enriching human brain in real cognition of the world.

On their way to the heights of the science the role of your school in physicomathematical subjects is great as you know how to teach the important but not the much.

Most of your students hold the name of the school the University and our country in respect as scientist politicians and statesmen everywhere.

I congratulate each of you waving your hands one by one and wish you to be creators on all spheres of life without forgetting to visit your school from time to time.

Honorable teachers, I bent down before your tireless and divine work.

Be always healthy to lead your students’ caravan to light and education as Moses.


                                                                                          Rector of YSU R. Martirosyan






   By the order of the President RA the headmaster of A. Shahinyan Phismath special school

 attached to YSU Haykaz Saribek Navasardyan was decorated with Movses Khorenatsi Medal on the Teacher’s Day for his important contribution in educational sphere and long-term merit.

   By September 26, 2005 order of YSU Rector R. Martirosyan , the Headmaster was decorated with YSU Golden Medal as well. The awards were presented by the YSU Rector R. Martirosyan.                                                


On the Republic of Armenia President’s

2005 September 30 Order 

H A Y K A S  S A R I B E K


Is decorated with 

M O V S E S   K H O R E N A T SI



Work staff Manager of    the President of the   Republic of Armenia    On Yerevan State University Rector’s Order  The Headmaster of     A. Shahinyan Physmath Special    School    Under the auspices of YSU   H A Y K AS  

S A R I B E K    N A V A S A R D Y A N     Is decorated with YSU Golden Medal      YSU Rector R. Martirosyan.

YSU Rector R. Martirosyan, greeting the school, called it the ‘motive power’ of physic’s and math’s of our country.                    

  By September 26, 2005 order of YSU Rector the vice –

 principal of the school Sussanna Sergey Avetisyan also was decorated with YSU Golden Medal.

On this occasion S. Avetisyan is expressing her gratitude to the rector of YSU for appreciating her long term work, noting that the teacher’s success is also the merit of the whole staff. S. Avetisyan is thanking to all those who have supported, helped and trusted her during all these years.


    This award inspires me and imposes a high responsibility.

Teachers Tigran Margaryan, Movses Gasparyan, Zhirair Ninoyan, Galina Hovhannisyan, Nazeli Aslanyan are also awarded for their success in Pedagogies on the 40th anniversary.






Minister ES S. Yeritsyan said: ‘This educational institution has tempered and given professional personals. It is the best in Armenia educating not only specialists but also personalities. Physmath proves that the education in Armenia was, is and will be one of the best in the world educational system even with the single example of this school’.

Some of the school workers were awarded by the minister ES RA.





                                                                                                                                                    MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA


N497-A                                                                                                                          22.09.2005


In connection with the 40th anniversary of physicomathematical special school after Ar. Sahinyan under the auspices of Yerevan State University

                                                              I issue an order

1. to award with ‘Golden Memorial Medal’ of Ministry ES RA

Nairi Sedrakyan – teacher of math’s and the head of math’s Society

2. to award with Diplomas of Ministry ES RA

1) Vice – Principal Armenak Harutyuyan

2) Math’s teacher Onik Mikaelyan

3) Vice – Principal teacher of Armenian language and literature Anjela Nazaretyan

4) Physics teacher Mekhak Hayrapetyan

5) Head of department Arman Sargsyan

6) Math’s teacher Garnik Nersisyan

3. to award with Letters of Thanks of Ministry ES RA

1) Math’s ex-teacher Elmira Grigoryan

2) Physics teacher, Head of Physics Society Gagik Grigoryan

3) Vice – principal Geography ex-teacher Gagik Samvelyan

4) Physics ex-teacher Mels Azizbekyan

5) Math’s ex-teacher Rafik Martirosyan

6) Math’s ex-teacher Koriun Arakelyan

7) Vice – principal ex-teacher of Armenian language and literature Hasmik Gyadukyan

8) Head of Physics department, Physics teacher Benhur Pakhchanyan

9) Geography teacher Anahit Santrosyan

10) History teacher Ashot Eghiazaryan

11) Teacher of Armenian language and literature Laura Shahnubaryan

12) Physics teacher Eyler Yuzbashyan

13) Vice – principal, physics teacher Arthur Davtyan

14) History ex-teacher Hasmik Khachatryan

                                                                               Minister                                 S. Yeritsyan





  For the 40th anniversary and pedagogical success merited teachers Anik Aslanyan,

 Agnessa  Yesayan, Rosalie Baghdasaryan and educator Eva Gorovets are presented Letters of Thank  by the headmaster of Ar. Shahinyan Physmath School H. Navasardyan.




   For the active participation of the 40th anniversary events Diplomas from the authority of

 the school were presented to under mentioned students:

George Galtakyan (7th form), Satenik Eganyan (8th form), Lilit Zalachyan (8th form), Ani Sargsyan (8th form), Ani Grigoryan (8th form), Melanie Arakelyan (8th form), Hayk Makaryan (9th form), Avetiq Grigoryan (9th form), Tatevik Gabrielyan (9th form), George Hovsepyan (9th Form), Vahe Chitoyan (10th form), Anahit Bekyan (10th form), Mariam Papyan (10th form), Lusine Davtyan (10th form), Arpine Kostanyan (10th form), George Poghosyan (10th form).





     Physmath graduate, the Head of ‘Gandzasar” theological center and ‘Vem’ radio station Reverend Priest Mesrop Aramyan gave his blessing to the festival.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary Rector YSU R. Martirosyan and Hranush Hakobyan for permanent comity of SECY of National Assembly brought their congratulations and best wishes to the students, graduates, teachers and all the school staff. Besides that souvenirs were passed on behalf of the headmasters of Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum, ‘Qvant’ and Yerevan fulcrum colleges of ASAU.

Congratulation messages were also received from staffs of Russian – Armenian (Slavonyan) State University, Yerevan state colleges of Informatics, ‘Olympus’ school as well as Qanaqer – Zeitun Community on behalf of Ruben Sinoyan.

A great number of congratulation letters were received from the students of different years by the following addresses: Email:hnavasardyan@ac2k.am; physmath@ac2k.am:

‘Ararat’ youth brass band of Ministry SECY RA (Head - Zhamkochyan) and ‘Salsa’ group of national and hall dances (Head – N. Buniatyan and G. Dokholyan) took part in the festival.

Thanks to all the supporters and participants.




  Journalists were also present at the festival who elucidated our events not only on TV but also in newspaper articles





    Dear Physmath, it’s impossible to reveal you up to the end. Each participant of this festival created really magnificent history. Every page of this history includes wisdom and intellect of many generations.

During the 40 years our teachers and students were and are authors and actors of many projects and innovations. Their inquisitive brain strives for eternity.

The more you know the more you learn and teach.

Yes, teaching is God’s gift to the teachers who burn themselves regardless of their own health as their credo is love towards the pupils.


G. Nersisyan – Head of Aesthetic – education centre after G. Arushanyan